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Blackout Solutions

Desperate for a good night’s sleep? Sunshine waking you up? Feeling frustrated by distracting light keeping you awake at night? We have blackout solutions to turn your bedroom into the darkened sanctuary you need, no matter the time of day or night.

Top Down Bottom Up Shades Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades Denver

Privacy / Top-Down/Bottom-Up Solutions

Want to maximize the light in your home, while maintaining privacy? We have window treatment ideas that can deliver both–at the same time. Top down shades bring natural light in, while your comfort and privacy are protected. Ideal daylighting and atmosphere control is a simple adjustment away.

Cordless / Child Safe Solutions

Do you know the dangers cords pose for your children and pets? Are you looking for child safe solutions? Tempting, dangerous and unsightly, cords present a number of problems. We have cordless blinds, shades and shutters to give you the safe window treatment ideas you need.

Motorized Blinds Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades Denver

Motorized Solutions

It’s the ultimate control, convenience and lifestyle transformation. PowerView motorized blinds and shades are controlled from the palm of your hand, with your favorite device or our sleek, stylish remote. From the comfort of your couch, or a world away on vacation, you’ll feel like you have your own personal assistant.

Energy Efficient Solutions

With such a range of weather throughout the year, you need window treatment ideas for energy efficiency. From the chilly temps of winter and early mornings, to the intensity of the heat and sunshine streaming through your windows, find the ideal options to keep your home, and your budget, comfortable.

Window Treatments for Large Windows Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades Denver

Floor-to-Ceiling / Large Window Solutions

Beautiful views and breathtaking landscapes, floor to ceiling windows are amazing. But sometimes, your large windows provide more problems than they solve. The experience of living here deserves window treatment ideas to maintain your view while giving you the control you need.

Patio / French / Sliding Glass Door Solutions

Your patio doors, french doors and sliding glass doors–do you need functional window treatments that fit your home and lifestyle? Performance and design will enhance your home with custom shutters, blinds and shades for doors. It’s time to enjoy your outdoor space, while also bringing the function and style you deserve.