Outfitted Entryways

Your entryway leaves a lasting impression. It welcomes you home. You need the perfect amount of natural light, designer style and functional solutions. In the Denver area, we want to enjoy the outdoors, and your entryway is a great way to view the landscape and offer convenience to get outside. But, throughout the year, you’ll want custom privacy, as well as options for energy efficiency. Take a look at the way we designed these Denver area entryways to invite natural light and scenic views while protecting privacy. Thoughtful choices were given to both design and function–gorgeous styling that also improves lifestyle is a must!

Designer Dining Spaces

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, or simply enjoying a quiet breakfast with your family, the atmosphere of your dining spaces should be pleasant and comfortable. These beautiful dining spaces in the Denver area feature the perfect amount of natural lighting to suit the occasion. From the timeless styling of plantation shutters, choose the elegance of wood grains or smooth whites to coordinate the beauty of your home. With options for hidden tilt, you add the gorgeous view as a backdrop in your dining area. For those sliding glass doors comes the textured look of Duette Vertiglide, perfect for high traffic areas with energy efficiency and style in mind. The right dining room window treatments add a unique look and incredible function for your home and lifestyle.

Pirouette® Window Shadings

Elegant, exquisite, simply stunning. Pirouette Window Shadings create atmosphere and beauty in the home. With the capability to dim lighting along levels of light control, the soft vanes also provide ample style in gorgeous fabrics and textures. Perfect for the Denver area, the balance of landscape views and directional light control creates just the right environment. Offering a range of soft, filtered light to the darkness of room-darkening fabrics, Pirouette shades are full of function and style.

Large Window Solutions

The Denver area is known for its gorgeous views and beautiful weather. Large windows and sliding doors offer you the chance to enjoy what surrounds you. But, you also want to have the ability to control the view into your home, along with incoming light, UV rays, chilly drafts. We have large window solutions for every style, shape and preference! From the classic tradition of plantation shutters, to the sleek design of modern roller shades, we can outfit your home in comfort, control and style. Another issue that can accompany large windows and doors is the operation of shades and blinds. Motorization can make your life a breeze, and the PowerView Pebble remote becomes both a functional and designer piece in your home.

Contemporary Design: Shutters with Rear Tilt

The timeless style of shutters offers classic design, while coordinating with the chic sophistication of the latest trends. There are two distinct designs when it comes to shutters, and it’s all about personal preference and what works with the overall style of your home. Front tilt appears more traditional in styling, with the tilt bar running down the front of the shutter. For a more contemporary look, rear tilt–also referred to as hidden tilt–removes the front tilt bar. The result is a clean look. It’s more open, with a stunning view-through. With the same adjustable louvers as front tilt shutters, it makes directing the light a simple act, and the amazing benefits are endless!

Style Your Child’s Room!

If you’re a parent, you’ve thought about the importance of window treatments for your child’s room. Child safety is a number one priority. A close second, blackout and room darkening solutions are probably also high on your list. When children are safe and sleeping soundly, your life improves. Take a look at some of the projects we’ve done for parents around the Denver area. Whether you like the look of blinds, shades or shutters, we can help you select the features and fabrics that will suit the fashion and function of your child’s space!

Open Floor Plans

The concept of an open floor plan can bring peaceful harmony to your home, as one space flows into another. However, they can become a challenge when it comes to design and daily living. How can custom window treatments help?

  • Window treatments bring a coordinated look to the entire space.
  • Customization brings solutions to all the windows–and doors!–no matter the size, shape or function.
  • Operating features can be chosen based on each window’s individual role in your home’s lighting, design and function.
  • Motorization allows you to schedule adjustments, for all the windows in the same space, so you can create the perfect atmosphere with the touch of a button!

Preserve Your View: Screen Shades

The view of your landscape is gorgeous–why cover it up? Here in the Denver area, not only do we have a view to enjoy, we also receive intense sunshine. You need a solution that will give you the best of both worlds! With screen shades, you protect the interior of your home from direct sunlight, while preserving your view. Enjoy levels of privacy, glare reduction, and protection from UV rays, all while you can see the landscape beyond your windows! Our screen shades will coordinate the look of your home for the designer styling you deserve.

The Classic Styling of Plantation Shutters

Are you looking for a way to add style and function to your home? Plantation Shutters give you both. The timeless look of shutters will add remarkable fashion to any space. Control the direction of light, as well as your view, by adjusting the louvers. Coordinate your Plantation Shutters with the interior of your home by choosing from a variety of paints, stains, and woodgrains. Shutters are great for unique window shapes, doors and a range of window sizes, giving your home a classic, sophisticated look. You can rest easy knowing your furniture and valuables are protected from harmful UV rays. Add gorgeous style, environmental control, and protection with the elegance of Plantation Shutters.

Top Down Bottom Up Solutions

Have you embraced the mood-boosting, energy savings of Daylighting? Letting light in across your ceiling, top down shades fill your home with glowing atmosphere and functional lighting so you don’t have to use artificial. We love how top down bottom up shades let you adjust the amount of light entering based on your preferences and the time of day. That means, you’ll also experience the benefits of protecting the interior of your home from unnecessary, direct light, heat, glare and harmful UV rays. Top down bottom up is one of Denver’s most popular features!

Blackout Solutions for Bedrooms

There’s no better way to get quality sleep than to ensure a darkened space. Distracting lights, no matter how big or small, just outside your windows can cause unnecessary wakeups. Blackout solutions will help each and every member of your family get a better night’s sleep. Our designer roller shades feature the smallest light gap in the industry, and they offer the simplistic operation of on/off light control. Plantation shutters are a gorgeous choice for bedroom, and the adjustable slats allow you to create the ideal atmosphere in your bedroom throughout the day, from bringing in natural light, to room darkening. Our honeycomb shades, like Duette and Applause offer a variety of features, like the versatility of top down bottom up. You can choose varying opacities–from light filtering to blackout–to fit your needs, while the cellular design brings energy efficiency to your home.

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Amazing Door Solutions

Are you searching for ideas to outfit your door with the right window solutions? You’re not alone! Our clients often come to us to help them select just the right door solutions. The key is finding what works for your lifestyle and your home. We’ve chosen some of our most recent Denver area projects to show you a glimpse of what’s possible for sliding glass doors and patio doors. From the sophisticated handle cutouts of plantation shutters, to motorized shades, we have a variety of operating systems and functional features to make sure you have the convenience, privacy and energy efficiency you need. We have vertical shades that offer the contemporary appeal of traditional door solutions, or the innovation of top down bottom up to bring in light while maintaining the privacy and energy savings you need!

Inviting Living Rooms

Your living room should be a place of relaxation with light control that helps you create the perfect environment. With the right window coverings, you can enjoy the gorgeous view, experience the ideal amount of daylighting and diffuse the glare–all at the same time. Our clients’ favorite choices in window treatments for their living rooms and family bring beautiful design while adding tremendous styling and incredible function. Large windows outfitted with Designer® Screen Shades and Designer® Roller Shades give you the view you want with the light control you need. Heritance® Hardwood plantation shutters offer beautiful coordination with sleek function for french doors. Silhouette® sheer shades invite glowing soft light instead of frustrating glare.

Stunning Bedrooms

With the intense sunshine in the Denver area, solutions for light control in the bedroom are essential. These bedrooms feature custom window treatments that make the most of the light and views of the outdoors. The bedroom is the perfect room for these Duette® Architella® top down bottom up shades with PowerView® motorization. These features allows you to bring in natural light for valuable daylighting while maintaining your privacy. They add money-saving energy efficiency as well. The Heritance® hardwood plantation shutters on these french doors not only add character to the space, the custom fit provides incredible function. Adjustable louvers mean that you can bring in the right amount of light and enjoy maximum view through to your landscape. Silhouette® sheer shades offer a range of light control options, with sheer fabrics that reflect the sun’s rays. Even when the vanes are open, you can enjoy the view while the once-frustrating glare is diffused. Designer roller shades allow for light-filtering in the bedroom, depending on the opacity you choose. Their sleek profile allows them to roll up and away so you can enjoy the breathtaking view.

  • honeycomb shades bathroom window treatments

Gorgeous Bathrooms

Privacy, natural light, gorgeous design…you want it all! And you deserve it. We love how our clients’ bathrooms turned out with such stunning design and incredible function. Plantation shutters invite the low profile fit and clean lines that go so well in the bathroom. Easy adjustment makes them a dream for privacy. Roman shades welcome dimension, with textures and fabrics that will make a statement, simple lift systems allow you to control up and down, or even top down bottom up function. Silhouette® sheer shades can be closed for much-needed privacy, while the open position brings in natural light and diffused glare. Honeycomb shades adorn the window for fashion-friendly design in your choice of light filtering fabrics, while still providing the privacy and energy efficiency you need. Which bathroom window coverings do you love?

Slaughter Project

With the latest remodeling of her home, Designer® Roller Shades were chosen. The home features large windows, inviting in a great deal of light. The roller shades were chosen in light-filtering opacity to diffuse the direct sunlight, while also providing UV protection. The view looks gorgeous outside of the windows, and the window shades complement the beautiful new decor!

Conway Project

In this home, we wanted to control the light and privacy while providing opportunity for a beautiful view with simple operation. The living room features the classic design of Heritance® Hardwood Plantation Shutters with front tilt, easy to close the light out when not needed, or simply adjust the louvers with the tilt bar for levels of lighting and view. The Designer® Roller shades for the bathroom allow for much ­needed privacy with ample amounts of style with modern patterns. These shades adjust easily with a continuous cord loop. Access to the outdoor space is important so we used Skyline® Gliding window panels and a matching roller shade for the patio door area of the home. Coordinated for style, both of these window coverings add convenience and easy access to step outside, or enjoy the view from inside the home.

Shellcrosslee Project

In this home, we wanted to bring in natural light for valuable daylighting, while also preserving the view to the outdoors. Mr. and Mrs. Shellcrosslee decided custom shutters would add clean lines and classic styling in their home. The Palmbeach® shutters are rear tilt, allowing for maximum view­through with a contemporary look. The 4.5” rear tilt gives them plenty of natural light, while the effortless adjustment can ensure their privacy.

Karl Project

As an avid art collector, this homeowner wanted levels of light control to both soften the atmosphere and protect the interior from harmful UV rays. Silhouette window shades and Pirouette window shades both work by simple adjustment of floating fabric vanes that offer a sheer fabric backing to diffuse direct sunlight while bringing just the right amount of daylighting. With the right window coverings, this home can showcase the ideal atmosphere, surrounded by stunning art and beautiful colors.

Rankin Project

This couple has chosen NewStyle Hybrid Shutters for many of the rooms within their home. We have been slowly covering the windows throughout the home, and the shutters seem to transform each room as they are added. NewStyle Hybrid Shutters add privacy and light control with exceptional style.

Sohn Project

This home features a beautiful view with the opportunity to receive a great deal of natural light. Capturing that view while diffusing the harsh glare was an important aspect of this project. We chose Pirouette Window Shades to offer the striking look of shutters, while bringing a softness to the home with the adjustable fabrics vanes. Able to enjoy the view with ambient lighting was important. The dining room showcases the clean look of shutters that can adjust for the perfect amount of lighting and privacy based on the time of day. For the door, Duette Architella offers a low profile, functional option while providing a clean, uniform look.

Carmann Project

The Carmann home features the beauty of plantation­ style shutters with NewStyle Hybrid shutters. The shutters are direct mounted and inside mounted for the best fit, based on the window. NewStyle shutters are made with a blend of real wood and advanced materials for long­lasting durability and a striking appearance. The white paint finish of the shutters add to the decor of the room with contemporary appeal.

Alice Ray Project

Roller Shades are a great option for privacy when dressing interior doors. The textured fabric is visible from either side for enhanced style, while the low profile design allows you to have uncomplicated function and simplistic operation. Mrs. Ray purchased roller shades for some interior doors to give a little privacy for a guest room.  These turned out perfectly and we are pleased with the color and texture.

Lorrie Stokes Project

Lorrie and her husband moved into a new home, and they started with a blank slate. We dressed the front of the house with shutters, to give great curb appeal. In the back we used Duette Architella. The house backs to open space, so we utilized the Top/Down, Bottom/Up Feature to get the most out of the light and view. The Duette Architella energy efficient shade will also be great for the hot Colorado sun.

Susie Kelly Project

This is a recent plantation shutter project we just installed!  These are 3 1/2″ Hunter Douglas Newstyle Composite Shutters. Shown in a soft white with the front tilt feature.  These shutters really helped finish out our client breakfast nook.

Laura Baxter Project

What is more inviting than rich, warm stained plantation shutters?  These 3 1/2″ Hunter Douglas Heritance Wood Shutters Show the refined fit of Direct Mount – perfect for our client’s living room.  The stain complemented the home beautifully.  Shutters are often call “furniture for windows”, and in this picture you can see why!

Kortz Project

Kortz recently moved back to CO, she is native, but was out of state for a while and so happy to back.  She loves the CO mountains and has great views.  The Pirouette Shades were put in her Master Bedroom so that we could achieve softness and preserve her great view.  We used the classic NewStyle shutter in the bathroom and front of the house for durability in the bath and a great curb appeal as you approach the home.  In her Family Room she had a dark woven wood that was closing down the space, we replaced them with a lighter woven wood that was closer to the wall color.  Nan is so happy with the color and how the white trim of the windows really stands out and the lighter fabric lifts the room up a little.

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